Surveys results

During our meeting in Lorient we discussed the surveys results.



A nice day in Oviedo

Working on the survey

Socializing at school

Meeting Navia’s Mayor at the Town Hall

A short welcoming speech !

Students reading their opinions about the mottos and logos

Students from different nationalities were mixed in groups to reflect on the mottos and logos they had been shown and reach some common conclusions about them.


Working on the logo contest

Christiane Le Bihan, Julio checking the results of the contest

We worked hard together with our students from Lorient, Zsambek and Navia to choose a nice logo for our Comenius project.

Merry Christmas from Navia (Asturias)

Dear friends,

I hope you’re all fine in Lorient and Zsambek, enjoying your Christmas holidays together with your family and friends. Our best wishes for the coming year, we are hoping to meet you again soon in March.

All the best from Julio, family and our Spanish team.